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Fancy Dress Soccer Tournament

Are you a soccer player or want to join in the fun to support our fight against homelessness? We are holding a fancy-dress soccer tournament this October, and we need your support.

We are raising money to build a Transitional Housing Facility in Orlando, to support families and their children facing homelessness. Community Reach is a non-profit organization based in central Florida that started in the summer of 2021. Our initial focus was on the number of transient children floating around the school system. A transient child is a child who doesn’t currently have a permanent place to call home and lives in cars, shelters, or motels. The Florida Department of Education reported over 79,949 children in the school year 2019-2020 as being homeless. We felt compelled to address this lack of support and isolation as a community. So, we started providing food, clothing, and basic shelter for families without a permanent home. We were fortunate to have several volunteers who helped find jobs for our families. They also assisted them with gaining driving licenses or bus passes that ensured they could apply for better jobs.

This family-friendly event will have lots of fun for everyone. There will be food, drinks, and games for kids, as well as Face Painting, Craft Stores, and Much More! The winning teams will receive prizes. There may even be a surprise appearance!

To sign up or for more information: Soccer Tournament – Community Reach

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