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The Root Causes of Homelessness in the US


Housing is a fundamental human right, but millions of people do not have it. Over 1.5 billion people do not have “appropriate” housing, according to a 2005 global assessment. Because different nations have varying definitions of “homelessness,” it is challenging to determine more specific numbers. Updated records are uncommon because tracking the problem is also expensive. Regardless, we are aware that homelessness is a significant global issue. Many nations have seen an upsurge in their rates in recent years.

Why are the US States, like Florida, experiencing Rising Cases of Homelessness?

Florida is a diverse state which has seen many economic highs, but why is it now that more middle-class working families are experiencing homelessness for the first time in a State that boasts a 16-month stretch of unemployment below the national average.

The number of homeless people in the state is the third-highest in the nation. Systemic and social constraints contribute to homelessness in Florida. A number of important variables include poverty, unemployment, rising rent, domestic violence, legal issues, drug usage, and physical and mental disease.

Long-term unemployment, as well as unexpected unemployment, are both possible. In either case, the affected individual cannot afford a mortgage or rent—uncertainty about housing results from the ensuing employment insecurity. Florida had an alarming 14.5 percent unemployment rate as of May 2020.

There are several reasons for this. This article will explain some of the causes for homelessness in the US and worldwide. It explores a holistic view of the world through the eyes of economic disparities.

 Let’s Begin!

9 Causes of Homelessness in the US

This is a global crisis that requires immediate attention. We must work together to ensure that everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home. We can start by supporting organizations that provide housing and other assistance to those in need. We can also lobby our government representatives to prioritize this issue. With enough pressure, we can make progress on this critical issue. Let’s make sure that everyone has a place to call home.

Rising Housing Prices 

One is that housing prices have gone up faster than incomes in many places. This has made it harder for people to afford a place to live. Another reason is that there has been an increase in the number of refugees and displaced people. These are people who have had to leave their homes because of violence or conflict. They often end up living in squalid conditions in camps or on the streets.

Stagnant Wages 

 Stagnant wages, high housing costs, and a lack of affordable housing are some of the main reasons for homelessness. In America, over seven million households spend more than half of their income on housing. This leaves very little room for other expenses and makes it very difficult to save up for a rainy day. When an unexpected expense arises or someone loses their job, it can quickly lead to homelessness.

Lack of Affordable Housing

Housing costs have increased faster than wages in many places. This has made it difficult for people to afford a place to live. In America, the cost of rent has increased by 13% since 2000, while incomes have only gone up by 11%. And this doesn’t even consider the rise in the cost of other essentials, like food and healthcare.

Low Wages 

The combination of low wages and high housing costs means that people spend more of their income on housing. This leaves them less money to spend on other necessities, which can make it challenging to make ends meet. And it can also make people more vulnerable to homelessness if they lose their job or have unexpected expenses.


Job loss is one of the leading causes of homelessness. In America, over three million people lost their jobs during the Great Recession. And while the economy has recovered, many people are still struggling to find work. This can make it very difficult to pay for basic expenses, let alone housing. The pandemic left the world, especially people in the USA, without jobs.

Mental Illness and Addiction

Mental illness and addiction are other common causes of homelessness. In America, one in five homeless adults has a severe mental illness. And many people who are struggling with addiction also don’t have a stable place to live. These conditions can make it difficult for people to keep a job or afford housing.

Lack of Affordable Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is a major burden for many people. In America, over 28 million people are uninsured. And even those who have insurance often struggle to pay their medical bills. This can make it very difficult to afford other necessities, like housing. These are just some of the causes of homelessness. But it’s important to remember that each homeless person’s story is unique. And each person deserves our compassion and support.


The situation is especially dire in developing countries, but it has also grown in America in recent years. Since the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. This is a global crisis that requires immediate attention. We must work together to ensure everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home.

There are many different causes of homelessness, and each homeless person’s story is unique. Some people become homeless because of job loss or financial problems. Others may be homeless because of domestic violence, mental illness, or addiction.

A combination of factors often causes homelessness. For example, someone who doesn’t have a stable job or place to live may also have mental health issues or be struggling with addiction. This can make it very difficult for someone to get back on their feet and find stable housing.

It’s important to remember that homelessness is not caused by personal choice or laziness. Homelessness is a complex issue with many different causes. And each homeless person deserves our compassion and support.

Systematic flaws

Even though a person’s or a family’s circumstances may lead to homelessness, we cannot disregard systemic flaws. When society fails to recognize and assist those who are at risk of losing their homes, homelessness results. Failures are frequent in industries like child welfare, healthcare, and correctional services. Homelessness rates are also influenced by a society’s failure to address racial inequality, raise wages, and provide affordable housing.

Racial Inequality

Racial inequality is another significant factor in homelessness. In America, people of color are more likely to experience poverty and unemployment. This means they’re also more likely to become homeless. And once someone becomes homeless, it can be very difficult to get back on their feet. This complex issue requires us to address the root causes of homelessness. Only then will we be able to make progress on this global problem.

But we must also remember that each homeless person is an individual with a unique story. And each one deserves our compassion and support. These are just some of the many causes of homelessness. It’s important to remember that each person’s story is unique and that everyone deserves our compassion and support. 

 What can You Do to Help?

For some, philanthropy is making financial contributions, frequently sizable ones, to support or establish research institutes, university buildings, or scholarships for four-year colleges. Others define charitable deeds as an annual gift to a community theatre, food bank, or school.

If you can’t actively contribute time or money to charities near you, you can make more informed and better choices. Instead of shopping from random stores, you can source your kitchenware and fundraisers organized by Community Reach.

To address the tragic reality of homelessness in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Polk Counties, Community Reach offers unconditional help. They have helped many students in the school system who required assistance with necessities that would generally be provided by a housed family nearly doubled due to the pandemic. And while the pandemic is improving, the devastation caused by the loss of lives and property has left a mark that will take time to heal. Before people become homeless and stranded, they go through a number of stages of financial negotiation and must choose what to cling to. That is also where this non-profit organization steps in. 

Every dollar spent on the online store, every item donated, every job placement, and every class they hold gives them the ability to provide a safety net and allow them to start rebuilding their lives. For this reason, families are always followed up for a year after being permanently placed.

If you or anyone around you is facing homelessness, you can always ask for help. If you’d like to donate, it could be your time or efforts, be sure to reach out to us so we can collectively start a chain of change. Be The Change – A change for the better. 

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