Our Programs

Here at Community Reach, we understand that families often need more than just food assistance. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to help with the larger needs of our families in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Polk Counties. We work closely with multiple other non-profits who specialize in areas such as job training, education, and counseling. This allows us to provide comprehensive support to our families and help them get back on their feet. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and help families achieve self-sufficiency. With our programs, we are able to provide a safety net for families in times of need and help them build a foundation for a better future.

Mobile Outreach

Mobile Outreach provides essentials to parents and their children while experiencing homelessness and up to a year after.

Bridge Housing

We work with families to get temporary shelter, find stable jobs and then move to a permanent residence

Educational Programs

Community Reach pride ourselves on working closely with other non-profits to provide comprehensive support for families in need. One of our main focuses is on education and life skills. We believe that all children deserve a chance to succeed in school, and we work hard to provide resources and tutoring to help them reach their potential. We also offer classes on financial literacy, budgeting, and other life skills. Our goal is to give families the tools they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives. We are proud to partner with other organizations to make this happen. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Better Together – Community Village

After permanent placement, we follow-up monthly for the first year. We provide Care Packages, Counseling, and Letters of Encouragement to our families.